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Warframe: Citrine’s Last Wish Launch Trailer

Meet the 52nd Warframe: the Crystal Bastion, Citrine. As beautiful and deadly as the fractal gems she wields in combat.

Experience her fateful journey to reunite two ancient lovers from the Old War who were tragically encased in crystal and lost to time. Dive into the new Mirror Defense Mission type and defend objectives simultaneously across both Venus and Mars to earn Blueprints for Citrine as well as her powerful Corufell Heavy Scythe and Steflos Shotgun.

Citrine’s Last Wish also includes highly-anticipated Customizations including Drifter Visage Ink facial art, the intimidatingly insectoid Rhino Deathwatch, plus new Augments and the Ember Voidshell Skin. Upgrade your Arsenal in-game with a variety of convenient new Bundles available directly from the in-game Market.

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