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Warface: Global Operations Gameplay Trailer

Warface: Global Operations, a new mobile game in the Warface franchise, has launched on iOS and Android.

Per press release:

In this first mobile game in the Warface franchise, players join the fight between the military organizations Warface and Blackwood, waging war in fast and frantic PvP battles that extend across the planet. With gameplay and controls fully optimized for the mobile experience, players can quickly master intuitive touch controls, customize the game’s interface based on personal preferences, and switch between automatic and manual firing for deadly accuracy. Warface: Global Operations also features stunningly rendered environments, vivid effects, and crystal clear 60 FPS combat.

The game features over 80 weapons, over 40 unique pieces of gear, and two PvP modes at launch: Team Deathmatch and Control. Five new global maps can be battled on: Hangar, Afghanistan, Ruins, Schwarzwald, and Joss House.

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