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War Thunder Update 1.87 – ‘Locked On’

The latest update for War Thunder, Patch 1.87 is called “Locked On” and it couldn’t be more appropriate.  Welcome to the era of Smart Weapons! Radio Detection has arrived, and so has the seventh rank of ground vehicles. With them comes a new class of ground-to-air missiles, and supersonic jets to go along with that. Guided air-to-air missiles have shown up for the Rank V aircraft as well. A new branch of French helicopters is here, as well as new destroyers and light cruisers. A new map also arrives in 1.87, Alaska. Battles in the Alaska map will take place in city streets and in the dense, surrounding forests.

16 tanks, aircraft and helicopters in total have been equipped with radar systems so far, including the first vehicle SAM system in War Thunder – the Soviet 2S6 ‘Tunguska’. It is armed with eight 9M311 surface-to-air missiles that will hunt enemy aircraft with speeds of up to 900 m/s, which can alternatively be used to combat armored ground vehicles. More radar equipped vehicles to come – including for Naval forces.

The new vehicles added with Update 1.87 include the first tanks of Rank VII, such as the M1A1 for the US and Challenger 2 for Great Britain, among others. Among the aircraft added with this Update is the now fastest jet fighter in the game, the Japanese Mitsubishi T-2, which can reach an impressive 1.6 mach speed. Several aircraft present on Rank V were also equipped with air-to-air guided missiles.

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