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War Thunder – Combat Helicopters Join the Fight in 1.81

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that with update 1.81 (The Valkyries), Combat Helicopters will be joining the fight in War Thunder. Beginning with the US and Soviet choppers, players will be able to fly an increasing number of helicopters from the Korean/Cold War periods. Other nations will receive helicopters in future updates. These combat helicopters will be available in separate research trees and will be available as soon as players reach their first rank V aircraft or tank of a corresponding nation. The Valkyries will include several helicopters of Rank V and VI for the United States and Soviet Union, with players able to choose from a wide array of authentic designs and weapon presets, including fixed and rotating cannons and machine guns, grenade launchers, cannon and launcher pods, different calibers of unguided rockets, bombs, as well as Anti-Tank Guided Missiles.

Initially, players will be able to use their helicopters in combined-arms battles in all difficulty modes. With their ability to hover and fly at low altitude at reasonable speeds between 200 and 300 km/h, helicopters particularly excel in ground attack duty, compared to assault aircraft or tactical bombers. At the same time, those characteristics make them potentially vulnerable to attacks both from the ground and air, especially when hovering still above ground. Therefore, helicopter pilots must learn to use their maneuverability and surrounding environment to their advantage by stealthily hunting for their targets and evading incoming fire using their surroundings.

With future Updates, a dedicated “helicopter vs. helicopter” game mode may be introduced, with them also potentially becoming a part of the game’s air battles. Several control schemes will be available, depending on difficulty mode chosen. “Mouse Aim” is the default in Arcade mode,  and many of the inputs will be automated to make flight easier/more accessible. “Full Control” mode is for those who want the full complexity of managing a helicopter.

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