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War Thunder Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Events and New Nation

Happy Anniversary to War Thunder! They’ve hit five years of consistent updates, and with 20 million players across all platforms! To celebrate, there’s a massive update with free exclusive premium vehicles, cool gifts for active players, discounts and more! Update 1.73 “Vive la France” introduces France as the game’s seventh nation, an early spearhead of Italian tanks and naval forces, new air and land vehicles for the other residing nations, and new gameplay features.  More than 30 aircraft from the early parasol aircraft all the way through post-war jets join their squadron! The French Air Force will be the first military branch represented in the game, with other vehicles types to follow in the future. The 5 Year Anniversary Celebrations kicked-off with the wheeled tank M8 Greyhound (USA) and I-29 fighter (USSR) being up for grabs as free exclusive anniversary vehicles through a set of in-game tasks. For competitive players, special anniversary tournaments offered the rare, super-heavy E-100 tank and an exclusive He 162A-1 Volksjäger jet fighter as ultimate prizes. Additionally, players that play the game between October 31st and November 6th can obtain exclusive decals and in-game boosters. Both the vehicles and rewards are dedicated to the anniversary and are only available during this period. Furthermore, all players can profit from extensive discounts of up to 50% in the War Thunder store.

Complete patch notes can be found below!

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