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Vindictus – New Hero EIRA Origins / Epilogue Episode 1

Today we have a double-dose of Vindictus news. The first is the origin of the new hero EIRA, followed by Epilogue Episode 1: Where Paradise Lies. Here’s your first peek at the upcoming Void Witch! There’s also a registration event, with more info below. Any who join the pre-registration event will receive exclusive items when EIRA enters the fold. There’s also the EIRA Warm-Up Attendance Event, that has even more rewards, such as an EIRA Exclusive item that will be given out each day. The 14th hero, EIRA will be arriving on April 39th, 2019.

EIRA is a master of the revolver and has the power to open portals swiftly. Shifting back and forth through different dimensions, allow her to attack and evade from anywhere and everywhere. She is the long-lost younger sister of ARISHA, who has continuously blamed herself for all the tragic and hapless outcomes that her family had to face. Now, she vows to never lose her precious family again and to find her long lost sister, ARISHA.

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