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Vindictus’ 13th Character, Grimden Arrives Today

The thirteenth character arrives in Vindictus today, the deadly assassin known as Grimden. His goal is to annihilate everyone and anyone that gets in his way with swift, unpredictable attacks. Add on to that his cloning abilities, the phantom Grimden is sure to excite players with his dark style and darker techniques. Grimden is now available in Vindictus with the following abilities:

Grimden’s Moveset:

● Phantom Strider: This ability allows Grimden to have phantom-like mobility, allowing rapid
movements. When the Phantom Stride is activated, there will be an increase in characters
stamina recovery and buff to their dodge skill.
● Aerial Evasion: Grimden will guard foes’ attack from the rear and escape the crisis. His final
position will be behind a foe, so he will be able to quickly react and activate the most optimal
attack or defense skill accordingly and strike at the right moment.
● Million Daggers: Grimden actives his cloning technique and his clones will scatter daggers
everywhere. The assassin won't be attacked while the skill is active, and the hit count changes
depending on enemy location.
● Lethal Crosscut: This will allow for players to execute complete annihilation of their foes. With
unpredictable and fast strikes, foes will be defeated within a blink of an eye.

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