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After Hi-Rez Studios came out of the blue and put some life back into Tribes Ascend so BakermanBrad decided to hop in after all this time and see whats new!
Check out just some of the changes in the Out of the Blue update here:
New CTF Maps:
Ice Coaster – “Ice Coaster is a large map inspired by the Tribes 1 legacy map Rollercoaster.” Supports CTF and Blitz game modes.
Perdition – “Perdition is a small sized CTF map inspired by the Tribes 2 legacy map Damnation.” Supports CTF and TDM game modes.
Terminus – “A brand new medium sized map inspired by Katabatic and Arx Novena.” Supports CTF and Blitz game modes.
Class Changes:
“With the new armor selection system in place of classes we have brought full loadout customization to Tribes:Ascend for the first time. The new baseline default loadout bring back the classic Disk + Chain + Grenade Launcher combination. ”
Read more of the huge patch notes from the button below.

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