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Triad Wars: Enforcer Evolution – Whats New?

Triad Wars is changing! BakermanBrad talked with the developers on what’s new and what’s in store for the future!

There really isn’t anything quite like Triad Wars. It’s part shooter and part strategy-simulation; part single-player and part competitive multiplayer. While you can take features of the game and compare them individually to certain genres or game titles, there’s really no overall experience that Triad Wars mirrors. Far from ambiguous, Triad Wars is one of those rare titles that takes its own distinctive shape not simply to innovate, but in order to be true to the game’s vision…

Interested in seeing the game for yourself? Join the beta test today!

Learn more about the changes coming to Triad Wars with Enforcer Evolution in our developer interview HERE!

Also check out The Bottom Tier in a live dev walkthrough of new content in the game!

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