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Tree of Savior – First Look

Tree of Savior – First Look

Tree of Savior is a 2.5D MMORPG published and developed by IMC Games recently transitioned over to Free to Play on May 10th, 2016. Those familiar with older titles such as Ragnorok Online will quickly feel at home, but the game is not limited only to nostalgic fans. It offers an insane amount of customization when it comes to class builds; there are so many ways you can build your class using the four base classes and multiple sub classes. This level of customization will keep you occupied for a long time experimenting and theory crafting multiple builds. Plus, with the entire journey to the end game being enjoyable, leveling multiple characters is not bad.

Most games these days end up making the leveling process feel like a chore we must get past before getting to the fun part. This is not the case in Tree of Savior. From level 1 to 280 (the current cap), you will run into multiple quests featuring mini bosses, run through interesting dungeons, and work to keep up with your daily missions and quests. I have always been a fan of the traditional grinding to level up so I was very happy with the journey to the end game. The great sound track is a nice bonus to have as well while queuing for dungeons or completing quests.

There are about 80 classes offered and more will be on their way. The level cap is supposed to end up hitting 400-500 so there is plenty to do with just taht alone.

Learn more indepth information about the game from our beta impressions article and launch reviews below!

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