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Time of Dragons is a gem for tactical 3D shooters fans, especially those who love air combat. The developers did a great job developing maps with using caves, gorges, valleys and such – that is, elements that can be used tactically during a battle. The game has excellent graphics, so even riding a dragon is immensely exciting thanks to outstanding creature animation.
Epic PvP on dragons
Large variety of unique dragon and skins to them
Each dragon have his own special ability
Many types of of arms(missiles, mines, smokescreens, different plazma, etc.)
Many riders and decorations that make your dragon stronger
Dragon’s improvement system
Beautiful location for battle
Outstanding and realistic creature animation
Various game modes
Incredible soundtracks and game sounds
Add more unique dragons and skins
Add more arms and decorations
Add more locations and game modes
Introduce clans
Add terrestrial creatures
Add a system of rewards and tasks
Add a boss to battle together

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