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The Lord of the Rings Online Rise of Isengard Teaser Trailer

To Learn More About the Game, Check out our The Lord of the Rings Online Page.

Before it went free to play, Turbine released several expansion packs for their MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online. Rise of Isengard will be the first expansion since the game made the transition from pay to play to free to play. This is the first teaser trailer for the expansion that’s titled ‘Rise of Isengard.’ The trailer starts with some epic sounding music and is followed by the voice of Saruman, the Wizard that rules Isengard. The expansion will undoubtedly follow the lore of the LOTRO series in which Saruman aligns himself with Mordor. At a mere 48 seconds, the teaser doesn’t include any gameplay. Turbine seems to have fully embraced the f2p format both with LotRO and their other major MMORPG, Dungeons and Dragons Online. Hopefully we’ll soon learn more about the Rise of Isengard and what new content it will add to the game. To learn more about The Lord of the Rings Online check out the official MMOHuts The Lord of the Rings Online page which includes a detailed review, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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