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TERA’s Surprise Update Brings Elin Brawler and More to Console

En Masse released their latest update for TERA today on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, called “Suckerpunch”. The Suckerpunch update is anchored by the Elin Brawler, which is now available for play in game. They might be small and adorable, but they pack the same punch the other brawlers do and aren’t to be underestimated. Today‚Äôs update also brings some new challenges to familiar content.

Max-level players looking to test their mettle can do so in the newly-added hard modes of the RK-9 Kennel dungeon or Ruinous Manor. If that weren’t enough, there are also quality of life improvements, such as UI menus and other elements being adjusted to be more intuitive. This also adds the next Twitch Prime loot for TERA, adding the “Ultra-Violent” cosmetic armor to the game. This purple and black glowing outfit will surely strike fear into the BAMs you face, while also showing off that unmistakable Twitch Purple hue.

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