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TERA’s ‘Skywatch: Call to Arms’ Update Hits PC

The latest update has arrived for TERA‘s PC edition today, Skywatch: Call to Arms. With it comes an exciting new race/class combination for Popori, giving them Brawlers. This will also kick off a four-week leveling event for players, giving them helpful items for hitting certain milestones. Players who reach level 65 with their new Popori brawlers by July 9 will earn the premium Kitten Hittin’-Mittens weapon skin as a reward. This update also includes a new treasure map system and brings Gossamer Vault (Hard) and an updated Macellarius Catacombs instances for level 65 players to pummel.

The new Treasure Map system also arrives in this update. High-level dungeons have a chance to drop half of Naslow’s Treasure Map and combining the two halves will send players and parties on an adventure to track down chests of loot around the game world. The Gossamer Vault dungeon introduced in the previous update has been expanded with more challenging, and rewarding, Gossamer Vault (Hard) version of the dungeon tasking players to once again venture into the colony of strange, beautiful, but deadly butterflies. The updated Macellarius Catacombs provides a level 65 challenge for three-player groups. The summer festival will also be beginning on June 20th, and there will be plenty of fun to go around for two months, ending in August.

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