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TERA – Skywatch: Companions is Now Live on PC

En Masse Entertainment released a new update for TERA on PC today, Skywatch: Companions, as a part of the 7th Anniversary Celebration. This is combined with a month of in-game events and rewards within the Action Combat MMO.¬†Companions builds upon the Skywatch: New Heights¬†with the new companion system, and a new dungeon. Starting at level 66, players can acquire a companion to help them in the game’s most challenging content. These companions have abilities such as casting combat buffs or using HP/MP potions automatically when the player needs them. This is a two-way street though, and these companions can run out of stamina over time and need special items to keep fighting on.

Players will put their companions to the test as strange and deadly butterflies from a mysterious fortress in the sky have spread strange pollen across the land. Clues to a cure lie in the Gossamer Vault instanced dungeon, where players must face off against two new bosses: the Hellgrammite and the Gossamer Regent. TERA will continue to celebrate through the month of May with their 7th annual TERAversary, granting Anniversary Tokens and other rewards for logging in daily, as well as participating in events. These can be used to purchase new cosmetic items, as well as a few returning favorites. Players can also complete Bahaar’s Sanctum or use Anniversary Tokens to enter a raffle, for a chance to win one of several Elin archer statues. More information on these events can be found below.

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