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It’s time to celebrate the summer solstice with the start of the Summer Festival in TERA on PC! Whether you head to Castanica for the Beach Bash or to Balder’s Refuge for the return of the Festival of the Sun, there are lots of in-game events, rewards, and socializing to be had. Players can strut their stuff on the beaches of Castanica during this year’s Beach Bash, but be wary of some of the local aquatic life who may not be excited to see their swimsuit-clad guests. Enjoy summer-themed activities including blasting sea monsters with water cannons, watermelon smashing competitions, and building sandcastles along the sunny shores of Dragonturtle Beach. There’s so much more to see and do for this event and will run through July 31st on TERA for PC. There are of course, also fun cosmetics to pick up, grabbing the latest swimwear and in addition, the previous years’ styles will come back each week starting in July.

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