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Tencent Brings Dark MMORPG Raziel to North America

A dark-fantasy mobile MMORPG is coming from Tencent to North America, in the form of Raziel. Tencent recently acquired the license to the title from Indra and is setting out to bring the game to the west in 2018. Raziel is a hack-n-slash RPG with multiplayer and guild gameplay options and features Unity 3D graphics, fast gameplay, and a diverse cast of characters and maps. Raziel will debut with four starter heroes for choice and more fully-playable heroes to be discovered in the game. Raziel offers a flexible and fresh new gaming experience for all the players so they can develop their characters through heroes attribute, skills, the different combination of different classes.

It also offers a single-player experience, with over 60 single-player dungeons, filled with horrific monsters and bosses, with quests to complete and loot to grab. But for the PVP fans, 1v1, 2v2, and guild battles also await. Explore and conquer the dark fantasy world of Raziel through its diverse playable character selection. Battles are fast and fluid and occur in realistic 3D with flexible manual control and no enemy auto-lock.

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