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Tank Ace Desert Map Trailer

To Learn More About the Game, Check out our Tank Ace Page.

Tank Ace is an upcoming free to play MMO where players take on the role of World War 2 era tank commanders. The game promises fast paced action oriented gameplay, and a large rooster of tanks from three of the major factions in WW2: The Americans, Germans, and Soviets. Players will be able to customize their tank with various parts before heading off into large scale battles. Tank Ace will try and maintain historic accuracy, so history buffs are in for a treat. This video is a short trailer showing off four of the recently announced tank models and one of the desert themed maps. If tank battles fit your fancy, be sure to check out another upcoming tank based shooter called World of Tanks. Tank Ace will be published in North America by GamesCampus which also publishes Shot Online, MLB Dugout Heroes, Cue Online, Asda Story, and Manga Fighter. You can read more about the game on our official Tank Ace page which includes additional videos, screenshots, and more.

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