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Tactical Monsters Reveals Gobi, The Old School High-Tech Gamer

Camex Games announced today that Tactical Monsters has been updated with a new Monster, as well as an Esports Event. In order to celebrate “video game day”, a new Monsters has appeared, the goblin Gobi, The Old-School High-Tech Gamer. Goblins are on the cutting edge of technology when it works. So this one created a VR headgear and a lucky coin. Gobi’s attack shoots a laser that can hit multiple enemies, as well as stun them, and his ultimate drops Numeric blocks on his enemies, dealing a great deal of damage. Thanks to the Lucky Coin, it’s not always game over for Gobi, and if it falls on the right side, he’ll come back to life.┬á In this Esports event, players can enter and try to win this new monster for free in addition!

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