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Switchblade Reveals Battle Pass and New Angel Vehicle

Lucid Games have launched the first Battle Pass today for Switchblade, which will have a series of tiers for players to work their way through. This Battle Pass has a plethora of rewards and in-game incentives, and also offers access to items like the new vehicle, The Angel. This Battle Pass is available for users to unlock and level-up for free. Owners of the Switchblade Legendary pack will also receive access to The Angel for free upon the launch of the Battle Pass. The Angel can also be purchased in the in-game store, for players who want it now without having to wait.

The Angel’s Kit:

  1. Main Weapon – Pulse Repeater – Fires a burst of plasma projectiles at nearby enemies.

  2. Primary Ability – Sanctuary – The Angel gains damage immunity for a limited time. Abilities cannot be used for the duration of this time period.

  3. Secondary Ability – Divinity- Boosts the power of The Angel’s Healing Aura.

  4. Super Weapon – Guardian – Rapidly restores health of all nearby allies. Once unleashed, players will become invulnerable but will move slower and be unable to use abilities.

  5. Passive Ability – Radiance – All nearby allies will receive a small amount of healing.

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