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Super Mecha Champions Update Adds New Mecha and More

NetEase Games has a new update for Super Mecha Champions that arrived today, and with it comes a ton of new content. A new playable character has arrived, Drill Sergeant Veta and her Mecha, Hurricane. Hurricane can transform into an aircraft to pick off her foes in a tactical manner. A new weapon class also showed up in this update, the mighty Pulse Rifle. It shoots electromagnetic three-round bursts and is in Battle Royale, Battle Frenzy, and Team Deathmatch Modes.

Team Deathmatch mode is now 5-on-5, and now the first team to reach 50 points wins. The base shield in Team Deathmatch mode has been reduced and breaking a player’s shield no longer scores points (shield regeneration time remains at 20 seconds). Additionally, two new spawn points are available in Port and Alpha Tower (respawn invincibility remains at eight seconds). Finally, a “back to base” option is now available, but if used the enemy will be awarded one point (“back to base” has a 90-second cooldown).

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