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Super Mecha Champions Begins Global Pre-Registration

NetEase announced a new mobile game today, a Japanese mecha battle mobile game, Super Mecha Champions. The pre-registration has begun on a global scale today, and those who pre-register will receive special in-game items and free mecha on top of that. In Super Mecha Champions, players will navigate a battlefield on foot, then board a mecha to engage in large-scale battles. Each character will pilot a unique mecha with its own loadout and abilities. The setting will also mirror popular manga/anime styles, with performances from popular Japanese voice actors such as Tomokazu Seki, Rina Sato, Kayano Ai and more.

Players who prefer to battle on foot can utilize a wide variety of weapons, including plasma cannons, homing missiles, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, if that’s their preferred way to play. You can also team up with friends to utilize battle tactics, and expand your arsenal for unique gameplay experience.

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