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Summoners War Reveals World Arena Championship Details

Com2uS’ Summoners War returns to Paris for their Summoners War World Arena Championship (SWC) 2019 this October 2019. Tournament applications begin today and will be accepted through June 7th, with a prize pool of 210,000 dollars. The official website below has more details on signing up for this tournament, which debuted back in 2017. The Los Angeles event attracted more than 3,000 attendees in its first year and reached 130,000 worldwide viewers with the 2018 live broadcast. The 210,000 USD (about 250 million Korean Won) is twice the amount of previous tournaments. The finals will be held in Paris, France on Saturday, October 26th.

The tournament will be divided into three continents: Asia_Pacific Cup, Europe Cup, and the Americas Cup. Regional Preliminaries and the Group Stage will provide plenty of match opportunities to the players, and the “SWC2019 Battle Mode” will provide a fairer competition environment. Leading up to the World finals, Com2uS plans to release videos that will feature players and monsters for fans that can’t make it to the regional festivities. Com2uS has already started the process of recruiting Summoners War players for the SWC starting today until June 7th. Anyone who enjoys Summoners War will be able to participate. Finalists will be selected based on the results of the World Arena Seasons 8 and 9 applicants.

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