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Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Available Now

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is now available on iOS and Android, bringing the PC action to the mobile sphere. Over 100 maps and dozens of weapons await for players to experience in hilarious 2D deathmatches. Similar to the PC edition, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile will bring players together to battle in closed arenas, of 2-to-4 players. Equipping skills and weapons and outmaneuvering opponents will be key to success. The last stick figure standing will be the ultimate victor.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Features:

  • Zero Rules Combat: Anything goes in Stick Fight: The Game Mobile. Target ledges or items in the arena to make your enemies plummet to their death, or rapidly fire heavy weapons to cause mass confusion on the battlefield.
  • Randomly Generated Weapons: With nearly 50 weapon types that are randomly generated per match, you may never use the same item twice in a row.
  • Customizable Maps: Players can customize their own maps, offering a fresh gameplay experience for friends and strangers alike.
  • Customizable Figures: Change the color of your stick figure and unlock mystery achievements and special titles to set yourself apart from the crowd.
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