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Steel Circus Enters Early Access on Steam Today

The solar system’s most popular sporting event begins today: Steel Circus, the 3v3 multiplayer sports title hits Steam’s Early Access program. The fast-paced online multiplayer title will combine hero-based gameplay with the strategy of a sports game, as teams of 3 pass, tackle and shoot in futuristic battles. The public is officially invited to play as of today, and no access key is required to enter the galaxy’s premier event. Players will control one of several champions, each with their own role and abilities, in these high-octane matches. Easy to learn, but hard to master, Steel Circus offers something for both the casual and hardcore player.

The game is set in the year 2350 when factions of the solar system have finally formed a peace agreement following a long period of open conflict and war. To ensure the continuation of this fragile truce, the most powerful factions of the Solar Council meet privately each year to discuss interplanetary politics while Steel Circus champions compete before roaring crowds. Two arenas are presently available, as are six champions. Iron Mountain plans for regular updates, such as new champions, arenas, customization, and balance adjustments. Plus there are no lootboxes! Cosmetics can be purchased directly. Every Champion can be unlocked for free, but there will be an All Champions Pack for 19.99.

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