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Oasis Games and Iron Mountain Interactive announced today that the solar system’s largest sports event is coming: Steel Circus. This competitive multiplayer hero sports game hits Steam’s Early Access program on August 8th, 2019. It will blend skill, strategy, and synergy, where players control one of several Champions in this fast-paced sports game. Steel Circus will see players doing battle in 3v3 online matches, where they’ll have to master passing, throwing, tackling and dodging in order to score. Teamplay will be just as important as tactical decision-making and careful use of abilities.

Steel Circus will be launching into Early Access after a successful Closed Alpha and will receive regular updates, from new champions, arenas, balance fixes, and constantly working to improve the game in general. The game will launch with six champions in Early Access, and two Arenas will be available, with their own variations and environmental gameplay. Multiple game modes will be introduced throughout the Early Access period. Steel Circus may also receive a final Closed Alpha Test before Early Access launch, so stay tuned for more on that.

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