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Startrail Destiny Teaser and 4Sight Announcement

Travian Games announced two more games that are going public at Gamescom 2018, in Startrail and 4sight. Startrail Destiny is a new 5v5 involving spaceships (from fighters to battlecruisers), and players can customize their ships with a ton of modules (turrets, advanced shields and more). The Startrail changed everything, allowing motherships to travel the galaxy in an instant, and allow for colonization of other planets. But who will find the end of the Startrail?

4Sight is a PVP squad-tactics game developed by Shadow Masters and published by Travian Games. It’s set in a future dominated by powerful corporations and warlords, and offers an isometric perspective and multiplayer tactics gameplay. Players build and command a squad of four deadly mercenaries and battle others in decisive online matches. The squad members come in all shapes and sizes, across six classes, from nimble snipers to massive guardians. Once deployed on a mission, choosing the right tactics and taking advantage of cover and elevation on the battlefield is key to success in 4Sight. Commanders will be able to customise their mercenaries, equipping them with unique abilities, weapons and gadgets, with their right use turning the tide of battle and ensure victory.
“With 4Sight and Startrail Destiny we are continuing to pursue a new, exciting direction for Travian Games,” said Lars Janssen, CEO of Travian Games. “We hope the community will like the new direction we are taking. We have no doubt they will enjoy both new games, as they embody the same exciting mix of tactical and competitive player-versus-player gameplay we feature in our existing line-up of strategy titles. As Travian Games, we are confident in the quality our partner studios will bring to the table. This is just the beginning; our fans can expect more new games to be announced very soon.”

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