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Star Stable: Meet the Knabstrupper

It’s hard not to be amazed when you first lay eyes on the charming and bold Knabstrupper. With its distinctive spotted coat and a history interwoven with royalty, this is a breed that truly stands out from the rest.

Though the Knabstrupper officially became a breed in 1812, their roots trace back to the royal lineage of Fredriksborg descended from Spanish Warhorses. Royalty of the Baroque period adored them, as they were well-suited to expressing their joie de vivre: a carefree enjoyment of life. They were harnessed to royal carriages, and Queens and Kings would even ride them to their coronations.

Their quirky coat pattern aren’t spots, but instead are holes in a white blanket, revealing the underlying color. This delicate coat pattern was nearly bred out to extinction, as people often confused the dominant white gene with the gray gene, creating genetic chaos. The Knabstrupper faced further adversity in 1891 when tragedy came to the breeding farm. A fire caused by a lightning strike tore through Knabstruppgaard, and 22 horses perished in the flames.

Knabstruppers are multi-talented horses and very quick learners, making them great performers and show horses. Their gentle and pleasant temperament will make exploring together a breeze, and their curious nature is sure to lead you both on exciting adventures.

If you want to put on a show wherever you go and ride like royalty all around Jorvik, look no further than the striking Knabstrupper.

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