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Squad-Based MMO Shooter ‘Enlisted’ Coming to Xbox Game Preview

Whether you play as an American, Soviet or German soldier in WWII, Enlisted‘s Squad-Based MMO is coming to Xbox Game Preview in 2018. The Xbox Game PReview system distributes games that are in-progress via Xbox Live for players to give their feedback on with the developers. Enlisted will offer several game modes for all styles of shooter fan, from extended comprehensive battles to more popular, current modes like Battle Royale/Team Battle Royale. Players who want a more thoughtful battle will like to try “Offensive” mode, where players build fortifications, drive vehicles, and use the heavier-caliber weapons.

The Xbox Game Preview version of Enlisted will allow players to test out and enjoy several game modes: Invasion, Offensive, City Battle, and Battle Royale. “Invasion” will offer battles with asymmetrical gameplay, where two teams will need to complete different tasks: one will be capturing and holding a large territory, while the second will try to liquidate all the invaders. The mode will throw players right into the heart of the battle. Each player will form and lead a squad of AI-controlled soldiers. Squad members will follow players commands and provide them with additional lives – every time the main character dies, the player will get full control of the nearest soldier from their squad. This will help a player get back to the battle in a blink and participate in the combat longer.

“We want to widen the genre of realistic FPS to a bigger audience. Realism should not always mean lengthy preparation and an extended road to the first battle. Realism should be the battle conditions and weapon characteristics being close to reality, it’s in the active interaction with your team or squad, it’s in the massive battles, where you can lose hundreds of soldiers in one assault. This is what we aim for in Enlisted”, – said Alexander Polyakov, lead producer of Darkflow Software.

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