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SoulWorker Receives Wrathful Bazooka Girl, Iris Yuma

Gameforge and Lion Games have a new character for their anime action MMO SoulWorker, in the form of Iris Yuma. She’s live today as a part of the Summer Update and comes brimming with attitude and a bazooka to match. This brings the character total up to six, each with their own distinct weapons, styles, and combos. At the age of 18, Iris, alongside her ally Erwin Arclight, is amongst the oldest of the SoulWorkers — a group of warriors with emotions so strong that they’re able to manifest them into powerful weapons. The elegant yet formidable Iris comes from a background of privilege, though she traded her silver spoon for the mighty Hammer Stol — a bazooka cannon that’s respected by her peers and feared by foes. After losing her parents to the evil known as The Great Void, her SoulForce awakened. Alongside Iris is a series of special events, and exclusive equipment for new playable character Iris can be earned through specific quests. Today also marks the start of the Turbulent Beach Holiday summer event. Get into the summer mood by exploring a new seasonally-inspired dungeon with unique environments and monsters! Best its challenges to unlock loot and prizes.

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