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SoulWorker Launches Major End-Game Content Update Schedule

Gameforge has announced that new end-game content is now available for SoulWorker. This will add eight new exciting dungeons, the Grasscover Camp hub, new quests, NPCs, and a level cap increase (55 to 60). In addition, Haru Estia, bearer of the Solum Sword and a heart filled with revenge receives a class advancement. This adds six new skills, a secondary weapon, and a new outfit.

Gameforge and developer Lion Games will follow up today’s update with new updates released on a monthly basis, unlocking a significant amount of new content and features, such as the upcoming Primal-Raid and additional character class advancements. SoulWorker is available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish. There are servers available in all languages, and English language servers are offered for both North America and Europe.

“Today, Gameforge releases one of the biggest and most exciting SoulWorker updates to date,” said Noemi Feller, Product Manager at Gameforge. “Lion Games has been hard at work to deliver hours of new activities to enjoy for fans who have completed the main story and want more. Thanks to the support of those players, SoulWorker continues to get bigger and deeper with the type of content they’ve been asking for, with more to come!”

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