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The Soggy Joko Brothers – Fer Naw This Evenin Music Video

During this weekend’s Extra Life Charity event, ArenaNet raised more than 40,000 dollars thanks to the Guild Wars 2 community. On top of that, ArenaNet provided a matching donation of 25,000, and the money directly benefits the Children’s Miracle Network alongside Seattle Children’s Hospital, Riley Children’s Hospital in Indiana, and Doembecher Children’s HOspital in Oregon. During this event, the official in-house ArenaNet jug band, The Soggy Joko Brothers released a new video. It’s entitled “Fer Naw This Evenin”, and is an original video based on the popular Guild Wars 2 anthem “Fear Not This Night”. Over 50 ArenaNet staff members took part in the marathon stream during which the team released never before seen Guild Wars 2 concept art, and previewed two new Player vs. Player maps.

“It’s been amazing to watch ArenaNet staff and the Guild Wars 2 community come together for Extra Life,” said Rubi Bayer, ArenaNet Content Marketing Manager. “Children’s Miracle Network provides care to 32 million kids a year, and events like Extra Life help contribute the necessary funding for that critical care. Extra Life has raised over $40 million since its inception, and we consider it a privilege to be a part of that effort.”

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