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SMITE’s ‘Sand and Skies’ Update Adds Two New Gods

SMITE‘s latest update, Sands and Skies is live, and with it is the first-ever dual-god release: Horus and Set! Their feud kicks off the “Battle for Olympus” event, and it all begins with a murder. Set murdered his brother to claim the throne, and Horus is out for revenge. Can Horus, son of Osiris claim his rightful place, or will the Usurper, Set, bask in the chaos his existence creates? Set is an Assassin God, and relies only on himself – and his frustrating sand clones, to get the job done. Horus, however, is a Warrior, but instead of battering people with tons of damage, aids his allies, healing, protecting, and guiding them in battle as a true commander. This up to and including teleporting them to a point on the map he dictates as important. We are in the process of working on a god writeup for both, but below we’ve also embedded Jason’s latest SMITE stream, where he tries Horus out.

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