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SMITE’s ‘Neo Olympia’ Update Goes Live

SMITE‘s latest update, Neo Olympia definitely has a Cyberpunk feel to it, with a host of new skins in the Neo Olympia Battle Pass. There’s Warmaker Vulcan, who has built some terrifying new creations to strike back at his foes – like the cyber nightmare, Warmaker Cerberus. Cyber Da Ji is hacking into systems, only to vanish without a trace, and Powersurge Awilix is a mercenary who rides out to fight for the highest bidder on her hovercycle.

The Battle for Olympia event also rolls on through this update, with more lore, and more awesome cosmetics. With the recent murder of Osiris, Horus and Set clashed to win the throne,
however, both were unsuccessful. Now, with kingdoms to claim and power to be gained, Horus and Set have formed alliances with fellow Gods to defend what is rightfully theirs, or unseat
those in power. While uncertain how these fights will unfold, the event brings with it brand new skins, such as Cove Queen Nu Wa and Howler Demon Hun Batz! There is also new Twitch Prime loot, with the Prince of Darkness Hades Bundle.

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