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SMITE Releases Olorun, The First Mage with Crit

The first god of a brand-new pantheon hits today in SMITE РOlorun of the Yoruba. He is the Ruler of the Heavens, and despite being a supreme deity, he seeks neither fame nor followers. He once allowed others to rule in his stead, but no more. He has taken the throne of Olympus, to lead the Gods and ultimately unite them. His goal is to end the suffering of mortals and immortals alike. Olorun is also the first mage to benefit from Critical Hit Chance, so that the more magical power he collects, the harder his auto attacks are. He can also channel pure heavenly energy and deal further damage, or release the power of the sun itself. Calling on his follow deities РOlodumare and Olofi РOlorun is capable of creating a sanctified field; a zone in which he alters time,
slowing enemies and their actions, whilst speeding himself up.

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