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The Battleground of the Gods, SMITE, has officially landed on the Nintendo Switch. Through the Founder’s Pack, players can access the closed beta and unlock special cosmetics, such as the limited Dragon Empress Scylla skin. The Founder’s Pack is on the Nintendo eShop as of today. SMITE on the Switch will have the same treatment as seen across all other platforms, from updates, new Gods, events and more. Crossplay is also availble for Xbox for players to cooperate and do battle on the Battleground of the Gods. For veterans, there’s cross-progression, which allows players to access their progression and content across the Switch, PC and Xbox One. A link to the eShop is below.

Purchasing the SMITE Founder’s Pack gives players access to the following content:

● Closed beta access: Players can be one of the first to compete on Switch
● The Ultimate God Pack: Unlocks all current and future Gods, including the newest
addition, King Arthur, and the upcoming Master of Magic, Merlin
● Dragon Empress Scylla: A Limited skin only available through the Founder’s Pack
● Dashing Deceiver Loki: A fan favorite skin for this infamous trickster

● 400 Gems: Instantly unlock gems to start building your skin collection

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