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SkySaga Live Stream Highlights – Freezing temps, Dual Wielding, Push-ups & More!

Thanks to everyone who tuned into the live stream! If you didn’t know I stream (when possible) on Fridays, the latest games I’ll be doing first looks on (if possible) and I do so right here: – Re-watch this live stream and others here!

In this highlights video I go over what I’m discovering in SkySaga, whether its the crafting, the combat, all the awesome quality of life features the game offers, and everything in between. This is sortof a preview for the First Look I’ll be doing this coming week so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for getting me over 5,000 follows on twitch! and for that I do pushups! (check those out towards the end of the video!) 40:00 – 40:57

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