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Skylanders Ring of Heroes – Developer Interview

Com2uS released a developer interview video for their upcoming mobile RPG, Skylanders Ring of Heroes.  This is an introduction to the game and some insight into its development. This includes Skylanders Ring of Heroes’ exclusive features, such as the first-time creation of awakened Skylanders, and key developmental processes. The game features an original story with over 80 different Skylanders. Players are empowered to take advantage of character elements and skill combinations to gain strategic advantages in the riveting turn-based battles.

Production Project Manager, May Cho, expresses, “We know that previous Skylanders games were really popular with fans” Cho further explains, “We wanted to bring that same fun and excitement felt from the video games onto mobile.”

Com2uS USA’s Assistant Producer, Angel Ortiz, comments, “My ultimate goal and inspiration is to help release an awesome game that not only appeases to the hardcode Skylanders fans, but also bring Skylanders to fresh new eyes (…)”

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