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Skyforge Announces New Battle Royale Mode announced that a new mode is coming to Skyforge, the “Battle Royale”, which users can tackle for free to seek the favor of the Gods. It arrives on PC on August 28th, August 29th for the Playstation 4, and August 30th for Xbox One. In this divine test, only one can stand tall in the end, and with the variety of playstyles, it promises to be a truly unique Battle Royale experience. Players aren’t the only threat though, but special monsters will spawn in parts of the arena, offering desirable loot in the form of armor, weapons, gadgets, and traps. There are over 12 unique heroes to pick from in this mode, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Whether you pick the Faceless or the Engineer, it’s up to you how to engage in this new mode.

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