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Skara The Blade Remains – First Look

Skara: The Blade Remains is a fantasy arena RPG featuring duels and team battles in a gladiatorial arena experience available on PC.

Designed by a small independent development team, Skara: The Blade Remains offers intense action melee combat. Players can choose their character’s race, weapon choice, and skills, granting an RPG style connection with characters rather than selecting from a pre-made roster. The game uses a levelless, skill-focused combat system, ensuring that all players have a fair chance to win in battle.

Skara feels like a fantastic foundation for a game but it is in serious need of polishing and fleshing out. One of its biggest problems will be solved once the beta becomes more open and more players start playing the game. The mechanical issues that the game has, which I detailed in the video, could easily be fixed in future patches once the game really gets rolling.

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  • Matthew Kevin Nance

    I would been playing it if it had 32 bit support aswell but its 64 bit only so yea and right now i wouldn’t play it because why play something that is obviously has no playerbase or crappy combat