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Shot Online is Now Available on Steam

Webzen is proud to bring their classic golf MMO to Steam, Shot Online. Shot Online brings the world of competitive golf straight to the player, complete with role-playing elements to make it more than just an online sports title. Shot Online has been a staple of online gaming for almost fourteen years, and Webzen is celebrating their upcoming 14th-year anniversary on Steam. This is a new environment for players to get acquainted with Golf Online, as well as the Webzen game portal, GameCampus. One of the most significant factors that makes this game unique is the community interaction.

This game was developed using a proprietary physics engine to improve course dynamics and to give it realistic motions. In other words, the ball behaves just like a ball in real life would over the geography of the course. Shot Online’s team are also working on a multi-language system, so it can provide support for German and French soon. To support new Steam golfers, the Shot Online team is running various events, including a 30-Day Attendance Event to earn ‘Deluxe Membership’, Guild Events, Level-Up Box Events to get EXP items, equipment, clothing and more, and a 20% Bonus CC Event. In addition to in-game events, extra rewards will be given to players who upload their gameplay screenshot or video on the community hub.

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