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Shockwave – Land of The Blind Trailer

Polish independent developer Bnayat Games S.A today announced Shockwave: Land of the Blind, a first person immersive bomb disposal game about the high pressures of saving lives under extraordinary circumstances is coming to Steam for PC in early 2023.

Set in modern-day Syria, Shockwave: Land of the Blind tells the story of Jerome Kowalsky, an ex-military Sapper now tasked with a peacekeeping force as a contract bomb defusal expert. Jerome is accompanying an emissary heading to post-war Aleppo, Syria to save the lives of a community living a precarious existence in the ruins of a city devastated by conflict, lawlessness and crime. As a highly experienced sapper Jerome finds himself pitted against the destructive genius of a determined bombmaker, who is pitting his own wits, knowledge and expertise in the ultimate face off.

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