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Ship of Heroes released a new video today, to reveal their latest powerset, the Nannite Healing powerset. This video also comes on the sixth anniversary of the shutdown of City of Heroes. They feel this video is responsive to both the communities desire for a new superhero game, and an example of one of the strengths of COH – support characters are a lot of fun to play. In Ship of Heroes, each character has two powersets, and the Restorative Nannites are a healing and buff set. It deals no direct damage but can be a complete game-changer when someone on your side has these powers. The devs are using this video to quietly announce another significant coding advancement. They’ve shown images of the new day/night cycle for Apotheosis City, and now we are told that the FX for the hero powers will react to the time of day, making them noticeable but not blinding at any hour.

Interestingly, the Restorative Nanites powerset has an even mix of single-target and AoE powers.  In SoH, it’s not expected that a player will take all of the powers in a powerset, since players have to make choices.  This means that Restorative Nanites could be a powerful selection for either a lone wolf playstyle or a team or guild environment or a mix of both.  Different players will choose different powers from the set. The Restorative Nanites powerset video came out just a week after a popular newsletter showcasing very positive internal FPS numbers to the community.  Also, this powerset is the first one that the devs have created that utilizes the PopcornFX technology for all of the powers in the powerset.  PopcornFX is a cutting-edge technology used in many CGI-intensive movies, as well as in videogames.

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