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Ship of Heroes Releases Internal Video Footage

Ship of Heroes released a new video today, that shares some of the improvements to Apotheosis City. This video is designed as a progress report, and are looking for feedback to see if the community wants more of this kind of video. This video is different from the norm that they release, in that their dev, Eric G (Lead Environment Designer) speaks directly to Casey about the game. The SoH devs have posted in their forums about this video, pointing out that these sorts of videos are easier to make and allow more resources to go to game development rather than to video production.

The noted transparency of the SoH team is on display, as they share meaningful information on the development process with their fans and listen to feedback. Though all game development teams have internal videos as a way to share information and show off progress, these are not often shared with the public. The devs suggested that if this video passes with their community, they can do this again in the future to show off internal footage relating to mission creation and perhaps to character creation.

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