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The Ship of Heroes team recently performed a network test, which showed 100, 200 and even 300 character clones hanging out in one environment. They are working on the ability for larger raids in Apotheosis City and as of this point, 50 hero raids are definitely possible. Even higher have a possibility as well. This is huge news for an UnrealEngine 4 environment, and is big for the Ship of Heroes game at large. The devs at Ship of Heroes are doing something almost no devs ever do – they are sharing an early, large-scale raid test for their pre-Alpha game.  They have good reason to; it seems that Ship of Heroes is on the cutting edge of development in Unreal 4, since the video shows 100 copies of a highly customized character in a single game map.  So far, no other MMORPG using UE4 has publicized numbers this large. Most online games don’t bring over 100 players in close proximity like this, not NPCs, mind (they require far less bandwidth), so this is daunting task. Apparently the devs at Ship of Heroes are planning to provide large raids for at least 50 players right from level 1. This stands in a marked contrast to the common MMO trend of making raids endgame content that require grinding or buying loot boxes – or both, which is great news for fans of superhero games as well as MMOs. Their first combat Alpha is coming next month, and the Beta will begin at the end of 2018.

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