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Ship of Heroes Login Event Stream

We participated in a Ship of Heroes login event this weekend and live-streamed the first forty minutes of it. Our average FPS was 20-30, but when we turned off the stream/OBS, the FPS jumped up to 40-50. Casey “The Ambassador” McGeever (CEO), also had a few words on the event himself. This is the first large public test shown by a City of Heroes successor title; there is the Valiance Beta, but it does not seem to have quite the same numbers.

1. We had clear technical success. FPS was very high for an Unreal game (really it was high compared to any MMO, in context). We’re still parsing data and learning stuff that is generally impossible to learn without real-world tests. We had people logged in from all over the world, and the codebase worked well. The game is stable. The city is beautiful.
2. The community showed up, and seemed to have a good time. We were very conscious of how bad it is for developers to over-promise for any Alpha activity, and I think everyone who joined us understood what we were doing.
3. The costumes looked good — we got compliments. And it is important to realize that we only used half of the possible costume pieces that we have (LOD completion sidelined the other half).
4. The community was positive. People were bantering and having fun. There was a noticeable lack of toxicity, compared to other games. Nostalgia for COH, yes. Optimism about the future home for the community, absolutely yes.
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