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Ship of Heroes – The Limits of Nanites

We recently saw a blog post from the Ship of Heroes team, where they discuss Nanite technology in the game. Nanites are tiny robots that are too small to see, programmed to work together and complete menial but important tasks. It’s also well-established in the 25th century, but they do have a weakness: Nanites are slow-moving on a human scale and are energy-inefficient. It’s generally cheaper to simply build an object manually rather than use these Nanites. Aboard the Justice, it is possible to work around these problems.  The ship’s Unobtanium engines generate a lot of power.  Nanites can connect to the power grid and use the excess capacity during off-hours, like when the main guns aren’t firing.  They can also draw on the ambient energy from the Unobtanium dust in the air. They’re not terribly useful for offensive purposes since virtually everyone has access to counter-nanites.

But even these counter-nanites aren’t perfect: “Counter-nanites can easily draw on a person’s energy reserves – or even the ship’s generators – to strengthen their defense, so it is also impractical to try to overpower them.  They scan and identify all other nanites, and shut down unknown ones unless the person being affected gives permission. We also have a brief preview of these Nanites right here.

The next Ship of Heroes Alpha activity will be a login test for supporters, likely in early August of 2018.  Following that, several other Alphas are expected with a first Beta test at the end of 2018.  Launch is expected in 2019.

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