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Ship of Heroes: Lightning Blast Powerset

The third full powerset is here for Ship of Heroes is here in the form of “Lightning Blast”! It’s the third of eight planned for 2017! It’s aimed for Devastators and Support characters, and most of the powers shown have a primary and secondary effects of damage and defense debuff, though a few have other types of debuffs. Dr. Strikewell, who is demonstrating the powers, has a primary powerset of Mystic Healing; Lightning Blast is her secondary powerset. This is the first video in which we show targets reacting to being struck, in this case with an animation of being shocked.  This was a feature requested by the community, so we are happy to deliver. In addition, the intent is to also show off “Dark Magic Blast” later this month, which is the next powerset. It boasts a substantial amount of custom animations and FX.

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