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Ship of Heroes Introduces a New Travel Power – Superspeed

Ship of Heroes introduced a new travel power with their latest video, and that’s Superspeed. Flight has been a part of the game for two years, but Superspeed is one of the three travel powers that were promised by the devs. Teleportation is still to come though. Superspeed is faster than flight, but it is balanced by the need to go around obstacles, so it winds up balancing out. In this video, the hero snow Drift shows off the power by racing around Apotheosis City.

The devs also pointed out that Superspeed is not an unbalanced attack power, and is only a travel power. Players can race up to enemies to fight, but should they, superspeed turns off and cannot be restarted until they are out of combat. Apotheosis City is coming alive with more verticality, more stairs, outdoor restaurants and more urban realism in general. There is much less of that unrealistic architectural uniformity in this MMO than in most others. There is also the first look at something in the center of the Hazard Zone, which is still mostly bare soil at this moment but has a substantial hint of a dangerous heart of darkness.

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