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Ship of Heroes: Dark Magic Blast Powerset

A new powerset has been unveiled for Ship of Heroes! We spoke about it briefly recently, but it’s time to show off the powers of Dark Magic! It’s the fourth video showcasing a full powerset, and by now we’ve seen over sixty unique powers for the game. Nearly 200 are planned for launch and Dark Magic Blast powers fulfill the promise of magical-based heroes aboard the FHS Justice. This is the first skillset with custom animations and FX produced by the Heroic Games team. They’re all unique, exclusive content and no purchased assets were used in their creation. This tells me they have the power and ability to create their own resources, which says good things about the game as it grows.┬áThe devs at Ship of Heroes almost always record their videos in-game using a client-server arrangement, and not in the engine editor; this makes their videos both riskier and more meaningful because the full client-server architecture replicates what a player can see and do more thoroughly.

The Alpha is planned for the end of 2017, and the Beta Launch for the end of 2018. It’s a long development process but promises to be worth it.

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